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What I do in my workshops?

In my workshops, I will read a few poems to inspire the participants to write their own, then let them share their work.


If they want they can further elaborate on what they were talking about.


I never force anyone to share, mostly I just want people to get things off their chest. If they want to talk after I’m always ready to listen. 


My mission in life is to help people write poetry to explain life as they see it, and to not be afraid. 



A stimulating, 
interactive & dramatic 1 - 2 hour performance workshop which includes poetry readings, Q&A, and writing prompts.



For students to share their struggles, offer encouragement that anyone can survive, and show that poetry can heal.



That it is possible to turn struggles into beauty and push through to greater creative heights.



To listen without judgement.


upcoming WORKSHOP

YWCA — White Plains & Central Westchester

White Plains, NY

June 14, 2024


YWCA - White Plains & Central Westchester

White Plains, NY  May 31, 2024

Jan Peek House
Peekskill, NY  2023

SUNY Westchester Community College 
Valhalla, NY — 2012 - Present

Christine Timm, PH.D.

Professor of English and

Producer, Poets & Writers

Few poets and writers artists have connected with the depth that Nina Belén Robins has. She made us see the everyday in a fresh way and took on edgy topics that had deep personal meaning for all.
There was much laughter and many touching moments. She left the stage with students wanting more poetry and being inspired to write their own.


Mike Jurkovic

President, Calling All

As a writer and performer, Nina has the incredible ability to submerge you entirely in her work. Her work is blood red truthful, powerful,
and often uncomfortable.
She is one of two of the bravest and articulate poet / performers that have ever read for Calling All Poets in our eighteen years.

Ellen Wasserman

Professor, SUNY Westchester Community College

Nina visited my writing and literature class recently to read some of her recent poems. The students were fully engaged asking questions about her work, responding and reacting to her honest, open style.
When Nina guided the class to try their own hands writing a poem, the results were amazing. The students glowed as they handed me their poems, proud of a new found voice.

Omar Holman 
Co-founder, Black
Nerd Problem

When it comes to being creative with humor, Nina becomes a magician for her reader. You never can expect or predict where her punchline is headed until it lands leaving you amazed and rereading her work to try and see how she pulled it off with such ease.


Student, ​SUNY Westchester Community College

When Nina, the author who performed at our class came, I learned that sometimes we take the people around us for granted, and this is horrible because we lose the chance to meet someone fascinating.

jersey city slam slammasters

Nina is one of society’s underdogs, who can do extraordinary things with her words. She is wickedly entertaining with the ability to make you laugh out loud and pull on your heart strings.

Student, ​SUNY Westchester Community College

Ever since this young girl that the professor brought into the class a while back to read to us from her poem book she had written herself, I have been inspired to read more, not only poems but books also.
I bought her two books and read them both that night; they kept me up the whole night. What I loved about her poems is that she was speaking like no one was listening, therefore she could say whatever she wanted. She didn’t hold anything back.

Erich Werner

Professor, SUNY Westchester Community College

I am blown away by her performance, how she tells stories in such a detail, she took us through the journey as an experience. Not just listening to it, but really help us experience those poems.
I felt her excitement and vulnerability. Those connections she gives to the audience is a gift!  I cannot wait to witness more of her performance!!!  

Student, ​SUNY Westchester Community College

I never took the time to read a lot. I was especially uninterested in poetry. But then a poet came to our class to share her poems. Her words were very brave and honest and touched me deeply and really gave me that common ground the professor talks about.
I could relate to her poems in a way that forever changes the way I think about literature and poetry. She inspired me to read more poetry and even write poetry. I will remember her forever.
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