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Confess it! We all do it! We find the screen to flee into... the T.V. figure... the You-Tube movie... the advertisement that makes us laugh in that critical moment before we fall into despair. 

Nina turns her astute eye, her brilliant word choices, and her bottomless empathy toward portraying the popular culture fixes that keep us going in our darkest moments. 


She explores the unexpected, hilarious, and poignant ways in which we distract ourselves from loneliness and self-doubt. 


Even Superman, in Robins’ world, needs reassurance and escape.    


Available in Paperback and ebook at AMAZON.COM


Nina Robins, supermarket diarist and Mother of Cats tackles pop culture:

from Amazon purchases to probiotic yogurt without losing her unique voice. Her poetry is poignant, self- reflective, hysterical, and heartbreaking.


You’ll feel things about topics you’ve never given a second thought, and maybe you’ll even want to buy a peppermill.

Gloria Yuk


It is one thing to hop into the time machine to the past; to take the elevator down to vibrant city streets; to peer through the eyes of advertisers; to recall the horror and humor of shopping at Spencer's...

But to get that perspective from a person from a city that lives at a million miles per hour?

Buckle up! Ambassador Nina will make you laughcry at it all.

Billy Tuggle
teaching artist


Pop culture is so prevalent in our lives that we don’t think twice about it. —

How it invades our psyche is so important, and poets who deconstruct that psyche are most important too.


In Nina Belen Robins’s new collection, Saturday Morning Serotonin, our heroic poet helps us navigate the world of pop culture while also sharing the most vulnerable parts of themselves.

Robins states, “You are the grind I never knew I wanted”— well this book is filled with poems you never knew you needed.

Thomas Fucaloro -author of LE(t)GO by Neuronautic Press


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