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“I don’t write poetry for the money. Every poet has a day job.”

To commemorate National Poetry Month, the Peekskill Herald features Nina Belén Robins, a local poet who burst onto the arts scene last year as a finalist for the Westchester County, NY "Poet laureate."


Book Review


Reviewed by Jacob R. Moses

Nina Belén Robins’ Saturday Morning Serotonin is a journey through the life of an artist through pop culture references. Many of these references range from Carvel to Saved by the Bell. This book is worth the read, as you look at your own childhood quite differently and possibly get a history lesson on pop culture.

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with Nina
én Robins

A frank and honest interview on writing and mental health with the author of A Bed With My Name On It by Leigh Winters of  Story of Hope - Mental Illness Under a Microscope.

Book Review

Supermarket Diaries 
Reviewed by  Josie M. Hulen

Supermarket Diaries reveals the life of Nina Belén Robins, a supermarket cashier. As she scans, bags, and is frequented by many complicated, different personalities, Nina finds herself disassociating and losing her compassion for the needy customers that stand before her.


Book Review

The Whirlwind of Stories Behind Her Teeth: Horror and Humanity in Nina Belén Robins’  Supermarket Diaries and A Bed with My Name On It.

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