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A Bed With My Name On It

This book of poems draws on the author's experience within the mental health system from the time she was a little girl until she reached her early twenties.

The poems illuminate the soul-numbing degradations that spurred her to find her way out of the system and the kindnesses that made it possible.

Each poem provides a clue to her survival: from the drug addict who told her never to follow his path, to the staff member who sat up with her every night, to the YWCA that provided her first safe harbor.

Taken together, the poems also reveal the resilience and the dauntless sense of humor that allowed her to heal and triumph.

Available in Paperback and ebook at AMAZON.COM


Bookended by movingly hopeful poems, this collection carries the reader into places we may never have been and may hope never to go. But having been there and come through — with the writer — with humor, deep humanity, and an energizing self-acceptance, we’re better for it.

These poems have the music of performance poetry in them and the power of crafted literary work.

We have here a very satisfying and rare merger of talent, humility and valuable life experience. No poem feel flat for me. Every poem invites and rewards multiple readings.

Elizabeth Gordon


Robins’ second collection exposes a world not often seen or discussed, and adds the unique first hand perspective.

This should be required reading for all.

Deb Klein


I read this book in one sitting!


Nina brought us into her life and spread light into so many places so often left in the dark. It was a pleasure to share her perspective.


I work with girls in a community residence and I could relate to each page with the girls I have worked with as well as my own personal experiences.


This was so powerful.



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