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Adam Biggs

Nina is the realest person you're ever gonna meet. And I really mean that. She has an honesty and vulnerability in her writing, and in the way she carries herself, that is truly rare. Her sense of humor and empathy comes across vividly in each book, and after reading all three, I'm already eagerly waiting for whatever she makes next.

Elizabeth K Gordon 

This poet is as real as real gets, with the added bonus of serious craft (wo)manship. The combo is a one two punch that'll knock out any apathy or anti-poetry attitude. 

Prince Johnny

Lil pieces of bittersweet candy in a rose-tinted plastic bags. I believe brevity and quality go together in only the finest writing, and that is an occurrence Nina brings over and over again in her work. What's true or not doesn't matter — I know truth is her ultimate goal.



Having had the pleasure of reading all three of this author's published books, it is no surprise that she continues to amaze and move me with her poetry. Her latest collection takes you on a journey, and draws you in to her world, full of pain and love, and of course cats! She is an inspiration to me, and I cannot recommend her works highly enough!


I am blown away by her performance, how she tells stories in such a detail, she took us through the journey as an experience. Not just listening to it ,but really help us experience those poems. I felt her excitement and vulnerability. Those connections she gives to the audience is a gift!  I cannot wait to witness more of her performance!!!  

Maria Benedecke

I have seen Nina perform at features several times now, and I am always completely blown away.  She has incredible stage presence, and holds her audience captive from her first words to the very last line of her final piece - She lifts us up, breaks our hearts, and leaves us laughing.  Nina is truly a magical performer, who knows how to reach every single member of the audience.

Jessica R Kratz

I saw Nina perform live on Staten Island in November 2018. We were all captivated by her blend of humor, humility, And honesty. One poet even referred to Nina as their new favorite feature. I went home and began reading "Supermarket Diaries." It is so astute, so moving that I could only read two or three poems at a time. Nina’s empathy and insight has left an indelible impression on me, inspiring both my customer service interactions and my poetry.


Nina's poetry really inspired me to look within myself and to feel emotions I haven't thought about in a long time. She inspired me to start writing again and to at least try and love myself even when it feels too hard. Even if you're crawling you're still moving forward. Hearing you present touched a spot deep in my soul. 

Susan Leicher

"Supermarket Diaries" provides a brilliant, challenging, witty and sometimes hilarious insider's view into the lives of people whom we all too often don't even notice.  Nina is capable of humbling us, delighting us, calling up flashes of compassion we didn't know we had and making us wince — all within the same tautly constructed poem. this is writing at its best from a miraculously keen observer  who has much to teach us.
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