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Loneliness. Scorn. Hope.

Emotions we’ve all felt.


In Warm Blooded Tree, Robins captures these primal feelings with uniquely vivid images, perfectly selected words and scenes that stay with the reader long after the poem’s last line.


We recognize the low points in our own lives. We blush at the time’s that we’ve looked away from other people’s pain. We are swept with unexpected waves of empathy.


Ultimately, we feel hope.

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Nina Belén Robins writes with gripping authenticity ...

Creating poems that hallmark the human condition. Any reader will relate to the various themes and circumstances illustrated by her words.

Cassandra Alfred


Robins’ poems
paint a poignant picture of the universal craving for connection ...

And how the small, seemingly insignificant, bright spots of contact help to connect us to the humanity and compassion we often take for granted.

Her vulnerability and insight into the human condition is arresting, and after reading her most recent book, once again I feel like I have been caught in the embrace of her words.

Adam Biggs


Who among us
has not known loneliness?

[The] poems in Warm Blooded Tree will creep into the empty spaces that haunt your soul at night and remind you just how human and vulnerable you are.


Her adroit ability to weave you into her stories whether you think you belong there or not is as present in her newest book as it was in the three before it.


Get ready to experience some feelings with this powerful collection of perspicacious poetry.

danni Green


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