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For more than a decade, I have been a supermarket cashier, seeing customers for five minutes at a time as they pass through my line. At best, they are polite to me; at worst, they look right through me or take out their frustrations on me.


And, in return, I have lost faith in humanity, and compassion for people.


I wrote these poems to try to regain that compassion — to find a way to think about them as individuals with troubles of their own.

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This magnificent volume of poetry is the author’s first published book but surely not her last.


With impeccable insight and a vivacious appreciating for the human condition, Robins takes us on a journey behind the supermarket check-out counter.


She offers us a unique glimpse into the lives of the ordinary people who cross her path each day, using her incredible poetic talents to convince us of the extraoardinary humanity of each of them, and by extension, of ourselves.


I highly recommend
this book!

Danni Green


In a variety of stories through the eyes of a creatively observant cashier,


Nina’s writing is sharp witted, emotional, and promises to be very memorable!

Michelle Perl


These poems compassionately recognize the many and varied lives of all the people that pass us in our everyday life. In this case, through the supermarket checkout line.


Humorous, sensitive, deeply honest.


You’ll feel better having read them.

J B Summershow


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