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As a writer and performer, Nina has the incredible ability to submerge you entirely in her work.

her work is blood red truthful, powerful,
and often uncomfortable.


She is one of two of the bravest and articulate poet/performers that have ever read for Calling All Poets in our eighteen years.


Mike Jurkovic

President, Calling All Poets Series

Nina is one of society’s underdogs, who can do extraordinary things with her words.

She is wickedly entertaining with the ability to make you laugh out loud and pull on your heart strings.

jersey city slam slammasters

When it comes to being creative with humor, Nina becomes a magician for her reader.


You never can expect or predict where her punchline is headed until it lands leaving you amazed.


and rereading her work to try and see how she pulled it off with such ease.

Omar Holman

Co-founder, Black Nerd Problems

When Nina did a reading and talk in my class it helped my students open up in ways they never had before (at least, not for me).

Nina’s poetry is so honest and shocking and hilarious and gorgeous. It jolted everyone out of the comfort zones we had all unknowingly curled up inside months ago.


The follow-up discussion, and the writing students did in response to Nina’s visit, was a big highlight of the semester. I’m definitely inviting Nina back!

Erich Werner

Professor at Westchester Community College

Nina visited my Writing and Literature class recently to read some of her recent poems.


The students were fully engaged asking questions about her work, responding and reacting to her honest, open style.


When Nina guided the class to try their own hands writing a poem, the results were amazing. The students glowed as they handed me their poems, proud of a new found voice.

Ellen Wasserman

Professor at Westchester Community College

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